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Who Are We?

Heshan Huanyu Plastic Product Co. Ltd was founded officially

in China in 2005, to cope with the increasing demand in the

world market for competitive yet high quality, innovative

packaging products. HESHAN HUANYU PLASTIC CO. LTD

is an associate of an already well-established company from

Australia, Jewel Corp Pty Ltd, which has been operating

since 2001. This has led to us becoming one of the market

leaders in packaging products, especially in Australia.

Our core production is plastic bottles,jars,caps in PET,PE,PP

and cosmetics tube in a variety of diameter.


We offer the convenience of in-house printing, which include an array of methods to suit your need. Labelling is a service we have also introduced, with labels sourced from only the highest quality suppliers in China, whom we have established very good business relations with.

The quality control

Working with some of the leading suppliers of dispensers and closures, has allowed us to expand into providing a complete product to most of our valued customers.

We have co-operated on numerous projects with many high end brands, including Fudge, Napoleon, Skinstitut and Innoxa to name a few. In our close relationships with one particular brand, Fudge, we were able to design packaging which lead to runner up and first place awards in best packaging, in their category -hair care range.

For a customer who is looking for a unique style of packaging, but always thought their ideas may have been impossible due to restrictions, we welcome you. Our aim is to be a specialised packaging company who want to make your products stand out from the competitors, and we will try to the best of our ability to meet your packaging needs.

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